Practical, solution-focused counseling to help your teen take ownership of his or her life

It’s tough parenting a teenager. You see your child making poor choices, and you wish he or she wasn’t so resistant to your guidance. You worry about unhealthy romantic relationships, bullying and peer pressure.  It’s a lot to handle.

But no matter what your teen is dealing with, I’ve probably helped more than one client overcome the same thing through counseling. I’ve been counseling teens in San Diego since 2005, which includes three years I spent working with high-risk adolescents in the foster care system.

In our sessions, I gently lead your teen to critically examine his choices and their outcomes. From there, teens usually realize for themselves that they are acting in destructive or unhealthy ways. For example, your teen may realize that his girlfriend is actually a negative influence on him, or that he’s sabotaging his long-term goals by skipping school to hang out with friends.

The great thing about my approach is that—as opposed to being told to change by a therapist or a parent—your teen takes full ownership of his life. In doing so, your teen learns skills that help him in every area of his life, from cleaning his room to choosing a college.  And you set him up for success as an adult.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call me today at (619) 298-8722 x134. You can also get in touch through the Contact Page. I meet with clients at three locations in San Diego: Mission Valley, Rancho Bernardo, and Carlsbad.

If your teen refuses to go to counseling, don’t let that stop you from making this important call. I often coach parents on how to get their teen into counseling in the first place. From there, I have an unusual ability to get even the most resistant teens to open up.  Let that transformation begin today rather than later. All it takes is one call to get started.